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2019 AGM and Presentations

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Annual General Meetings
Some 65 members attended the AGM’s of the Club and Social Club held on 26 April when:
a.       The retiring chairman Chris Binns thanked all those involved in running the Club for their efforts over the past year and noted that Roundwood was one of only two clubs that had increased its membership during the year.
b.       Amendments to the Club rules were approved.
c.       A new three-year rental agreement had been reached with the owners. The rental fee paid by the Club was increasing to £2,500 pa over the next 3 years. 
d.       The Treasurer reported excess income of £12,039.68 over expenditure. There was no need to increase membership or rink fees in the coming year but stressed the need for annual subscriptions to be paid by 1 September.
e.       Mike Kett was elected a Trustee to replace Chris Binns, who was retiring as a trustee and member of the Management Committee. The new Chairman will be appointed at the first meeting of the newly elected Management Committee.
f.        John Hipperson was elected Club Men’s Captain to replace Robin Clitheroe, who was retiring.
g.       Maureen Stiles was elected a member of the Management Committee to replace Tony Robey, who was also retiring but will continue to assist Rob Hoffman with the Club’s website.
h.       The Chairman of the Social Committee provided a summary of events/activities organised by the Social Committee in the past year and ideas for social events during the 2019/20 winter season. The Social Committee Treasurer reported that the Social Committee had a bank balance of over £10,000.00. It was noted that the Social Committee provides the Club with funds to help cover major expenditure. All the current Social Committee were re-elected.
i.         Presentations were made to both Chris Binns and Robin Clitheroe for their outstanding efforts on behalf of the Club.
Following the AGM presentations were made to:
a.       Club (& County) competition winners and runners-up.
b.       Internal league winners and runners-up.
c.       those who have assisted in various ways in running the Club, i.e. roll-up coordinators, coaches etc.
d.       bar staff who have looked after Club members during the year.
Photographs of the AGM and Presentations can be seen in the photos section of the website.
Internal Club Competitions 2018 / 2019 - Winners and Runner-Ups
Summer Indoors 2018


Winning Team

Runner-Up Team

Monday Evening Triples

 Karen Wale, Paul Wale &   Fred Goodall

 Val Tilbury, Pearl Gerrard, Justin   Gerrard & Wally Meen

Tuesday Morning Pairs

  Brian Deakins & Alan Jay

 John Webber, Paul Wale & Mike   Hurrrell

Thursday Open Pairs

 Paul Dixon & Trevor   Lowe

 Karen Wale & Paul Wale

Club (& County) Competitions


Winning Team

Runner-Up Team

Ladies Pairs 

 Maureen Stiles & Pearl   Gerrard

 Beverley Moar & Linda Farrow

Ladies Triples

Sue Goodall, Karen Wale & Julie Medler

 Beverley Moar, Linda Farrow &    Trish Purves

Ladies Fours

Maureen Stiles, Pearl Gerrard, Frances Grummett & Sue Purse

 Elizabeth Warren, Linda Farrow,   Trish Purves & Beverley Moar

Men’s Singles

David Poynter

Andy Duddles

Men’s Pairs

David Poynter & Andy Duddles

John Hipperson & Peter Allard

Men’s Triples

David Poynter, Alan Jay & Andy Duddles

 Bob Daykin, Martin Livie & Ken    Maxim

Men’s Fours

John Hunter, Peter Allard, John Hipperson & Phil Glover

 Arnie Ingram, Norman Rollo,   Rod Linford & James Symonds

Winter Leagues 2018/19
Winning Team Captain
Runner-Up Team Captain
Sunday Village
Trevor Lowe, Julie Medler, Steve Medler, David Bunn & Alan Jay
 Pam Basham, Chris Holmes,       Pearl Gerrard, Sue Maxim &       Ken Maxim
Mon Morning Triples
Chris Binns, Geoff Moring, Ivan Hall, Cyril James & Maurice Buttifant
 Martin Livie, Janet Livie, Ken         Maxim, Sue Maxim, Pearl             Gerrard & Thomas Jay
Mon Evening Triples
Steve Medler, Julie Medler, Peter Allard & David Bunn
 Malcolm Davis, Arnie Ingram,       David Gotobed, Phil Glover,  Rosalyn Sewell & Barbara Davis
Tues AM Open Triples
Christine Whiting, Brian Wilshaw & Tony Thrower
Mike Hurrell, Pauline Hurrell, Paul Wale, Peter Allard & David Bunn
Tues Open Pairs Div 1
Alan Jay & Geoff Moring
Peter Smith & Mike Beavan
Tues Open Pairs Div 2
Andy Duddles & Alan Jay
Bob Daykin & Mary Daykin
Tues Eve Men’s Triples
John Hipperson, Peter Allard & John Hunter
Arnie Ingram, Norman Rollo, Rod Linford & James Symonds
Wed Men’s Triples
Malcolm Davis, Barry Stiles, David Gotobed, David Bunn & Phil Pettit
Peter Allard, Alan Jay, Andy Duddles & John Hipperson
Wed Eve Ladies Pairs
Maureen Stiles & Frances Grummett
 Sue Purse, Janet Livie, Soe    Goodall & Karen Wale
Thurs AM Pairs
Andy Duddles & Alan Jay
Steve Medler, Julie Medler & David Bunn
Thurs Evening Pairs A
Peter Allard, John Hipperson & Arnie Ingram
 Phil Glover, David Gotobed,    John Spinks & David Bunn
Thurs Evening Pairs B
Steve Artis & Mike Kett
James Symonds, Phil Hollis & Mike Munn
Fri Afternoon Triples
Geoff Moring, Alan Jay, Chris Binns, Maurice Buttifant & Peter Allard
Ray Lutkin, Jackie Lutkin & Reg Harvey
Fri Evening Triples
Arnie Ingram, Phil Horris, Norman Rollo, Sylvia Linford & Rod Linford
 Karen Wale, Paul Wale, Fred   Goodall, Sue Goodall & Peter Allard

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