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This year the underlay was replaced and the carpet turned and re-laid. A problem with water having seeped into the ditch was discovered. Wooc was seriously affected.
If you want to see some photos of thisk task, click on this link: Photo Albums

Writing this from my sunbed by the pool in Tenerife ( aided by a g and t ! ) reminds me that this is the quiet time at the bowls club with other members also away on their holidays or else playing outdoor bowls in this gorgeous weather. This is a good chance to remind members that their annual subscriptions are due by the end of the month, 1st be precise. The renewal notices are ready at the club for collection .
All league team entries should have been submitted by the end of July and the new leagues drawn up accordingly. New members looking for competitive matches are encouraged to join the Sunday morning league which is played from 10 am to 12 pm.
Finally back on the holiday theme, don't forget our bookshelves will welcome all those blockbusters you enjoyed during those flights to sunny climes
Pam Bassham
01603 744786

Division 1                                     Division 2
Acle 'A'                                         Acle 'B'
Beccles                                        Acle 'C'
County Arts 'A'                              County Arts 'B'
Gallow 'A'                                     Dereham 'A'
Lynnsport 'A'                                 Diss 'A'          
            Norfolk BC 'A'                                Lowestoft Rail          
            Woodlands 'A'                                Norfolk BC 'B'
            Wymondham 'A'                             Pentney 'A'   
                                                                Roundwood 'A'
                                                                Shotford 'A'   
            Division 3 (North)                         Division 3 (South)
            Dereham 'B'                                 County Arts 'C'
            Gallow 'B'                                    Diss 'B'
            Hunstanton                                 Great Yarmouth 'A'
            Lynnsport 'B'                                Great Yarmouth 'B'
            Old Hall                                      Norfolk BC 'C'                      
            Pentney 'B'                                  North Walsham       
            Roundwood 'B'                           Shotford 'B'   
            The Brecks                                  Wymondham 'B'
            Woodlands 'B'                              Wymondham 'C'      
            Promotion & Relegation for Season 2018/2019
            Division 1: Bottom 2 teams relegated to Division 2
            Division 2: Top 2 teams promoted to Division 1
                               Bottom 2 teams relegated to Division 3 Regions
            Division 3 (North): Top team promoted to Division 2
            Division 3 (South): Top team promoted to Division 2

From QUIZ & CHIPS at the Taverham High School and ART DECO FASHION AND JEWELLERY at the WI, to a lecture on THE TUDORS by the Taverham History Society, there are lots and lots of great events happening in Taverham. Click below for more details:
Also, we have updated our SPONSOR'S page (and thanks to everyone sponsoring the website):
And we've added lots of other updates and information. – everything you need to know about the village... in one place! - Taverham's No1 information website!
Tel: 07508 833 433

The Scottish International Open starts tomorrow (Saturday 4th) at 10am. You can watch it all on Youtube at -




Unfortunately, due to lack of interest The Roundwood Online Shop has been removed from the website.


As many of you may know, improvements having been taking place at Roundwood, indeed are ongoing at present. The rink and bar lighting have been upgraded with LED lighting installed and the environment has been improved with the installation of a constant temperature system being installed.
The work is ongoing as other areas, such as the Function Room, are still to be completed. This does not however prevent the rinks from being used. Below are a few photos of the work and results.

Good news for the women's game. The Norfolk County Women's Indoor Bowls Association have launched a website recently. It will include Competition and League results, News and a Photo Gallery. Just visit




For all you bowlers troubled by length and line problem, could this be the answer!! :-)


Click HERE


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