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At the club's A.G.M chairman Chris Binns reported on a successful year. Membership had remained steady and in spite of the weather causing closure of the venue, the members had successfully fitted in catch- up matches to maintain the rink income!
The year had seen the main change of the club's status from a company to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.This necessitated the appointment of 4 trustees to oversee the club's activities. Beverley Moar,Tony Robey and Mike Kett were also elected to the committee.The Chairman thanked Brian Alltree (who resigned) for his past services and scrolls were presented to Tony Thrower and David and Jan Henry.Tony who was standing down as Head Coach after 15 years service, and Jan and David who have been at the heart of the club from its formation as a members club to the move to CIO status. All three have been given honorary membership and will see their names (almost in lights) on the boards in due course.
A light buffet was enjoyed during the presentation of prizes to winning teams by Jean Elgood, a staunch club supporter.
The club will now settle down to the summer season after the carpet has been turned, so rinks will be available on those rainy days when gardening is not an option !

Pam Bassham 01603 744786.

Division 1                                     Division 2
Acle 'A'                                         Acle 'B'
Beccles                                        Acle 'C'
County Arts 'A'                              County Arts 'B'
Gallow 'A'                                     Dereham 'A'
Lynnsport 'A'                                 Diss 'A'          
            Norfolk BC 'A'                                Lowestoft Rail          
            Woodlands 'A'                                Norfolk BC 'B'
            Wymondham 'A'                             Pentney 'A'   
                                                                Roundwood 'A'
                                                                Shotford 'A'   
            Division 3 (North)                         Division 3 (South)
            Dereham 'B'                                 County Arts 'C'
            Gallow 'B'                                    Diss 'B'
            Hunstanton                                 Great Yarmouth 'A'
            Lynnsport 'B'                                Great Yarmouth 'B'
            Old Hall                                      Norfolk BC 'C'                      
            Pentney 'B'                                  North Walsham       
            Roundwood 'B'                           Shotford 'B'   
            The Brecks                                  Wymondham 'B'
            Woodlands 'B'                              Wymondham 'C'      
            Promotion & Relegation for Season 2018/2019
            Division 1: Bottom 2 teams relegated to Division 2
            Division 2: Top 2 teams promoted to Division 1
                               Bottom 2 teams relegated to Division 3 Regions
            Division 3 (North): Top team promoted to Division 2
            Division 3 (South): Top team promoted to Division 2

From QUIZ & CHIPS at the Taverham High School and ART DECO FASHION AND JEWELLERY at the WI, to a lecture on THE TUDORS by the Taverham History Society, there are lots and lots of great events happening in Taverham. Click below for more details:
Also, we have updated our SPONSOR'S page (and thanks to everyone sponsoring the website):
And we've added lots of other updates and information. – everything you need to know about the village... in one place! - Taverham's No1 information website!
Tel: 07508 833 433

In the event of bad weather, pease ring the club noumber
01603 865045, or please look at the website to check whether the Club is open or closed.

The Scottish International Open starts tomorrow (Saturday 4th) at 10am. You can watch it all on Youtube at -




Unfortunately, due to lack of interest The Roundwood Online Shop has been removed from the website.


The summer is finally over for the indoor bowlers at Roundwood and the league championships decided! Alan Jay's triples team won the Monday evening contest by two points from runners- up Val Tilbury and team, whilst Double Us came out on top in the Tuesday morning pairs, with Irene Jay only two points behind. Finally Paul Dixon convincingly clinched the Thursday evening champions mantle, with the Gerrards as runners up. Congratulations to all. Both the Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon roll-ups have been well attended and enjoyed as were the extra Monday 'tournaments' organised by Roger Bassham and Bob Daykin.
Battle now commences for honours in the Winter Leagues with the evening triples starting on September 4th whilst most of the other leagues will be under way by the time this newsletter reaches the printers.
241 existing members have renewed their subscriptions by the due date of Sept.1st and hopefully the remaining 150 or so will flood in as members return from the outside rinks. We welcome all the new bowlers who have joined the club and remind anyone else looking for a winter sport that coaching continues to be available to teach the rudiments of the game.
The Social Committee has finalised its events calendar and will keep members updated by use of the new whiteboard at the end of the rinks as well as the usual notice board.The October Quiz on the 20th has however already sold out but make a note of Bingo on the 17 h Nov. On the rinks there will be a Rotating Triples competition on the 11th Oct followed by Rotating Rinks on 1st Nov.
Pam Bassham. 01603 744786

The Club's recent AGM and Presentation Night saw the retirement from the Management Committee of Chairman David Henry and Jan Henry, the couple who together with the rest of the committee have seen the club rise from its transition under new owners to the stable and successful position it now holds in the community. They were presented with a voucher for Taverham Garden Centre by Chris Binns on behalf of the members.
Trophies and vouchers were then presented by Ladies B team Captain Liz Warren to members of winning league teams and various competitions, as well as individuals who had assisted the club in various ways. A light  buffet was provided by the Social Committee and an end of season raffle concluded the evening.
Photos are in Photo Albums.
Members then disappeared for participating in summer outdoor bowls ( note the cold weather appearance) or holidays to sunnier climes but those remaining to participate in the summer indoor leagues should not suffer with the heat this year with the new heating system appearing to be very efficient at temperature control.
The Social Committee are already planning the new seasons events.....more details next month.!







                           Division 1                                    Division 2
                          Acle 'A'                                       Browston 'A'
                          Acle 'B'                                       Diss 'A'
                          Beccles                                      Hunstanton
                          County Arts 'A'                            Lowestoft Rail
                          Gallow 'A'                                   Roundwood 'A'
                          Lynnsport 'A'                               Pentney 'A'
                          Norfolk BC 'A'                             Woodlands 'A'         
                          Shotford 'A'                                Wymondham 'A'
              Division 3                   Division 4                     Division 5
             Acle 'C'                      Browston 'B'                County Arts 'C'
             County Arts 'B'           Diss 'B'                        Dereham 'B' 
             Dereham 'A'               Gallow 'B'                   Norfolk BC 'C'
             Norfolk BC 'B'             Great Yarmouth         Roundwood 'B'  
             North Walsham          Lynnsport 'B'              Shotford 'B'  
             Old Hall                     Pentney 'B'                The Brecks   
             Wymondham 'B'          Woodlands 'B'            Wymondham 'C'                      
                                  Promotion & Relegation 2017/2018
                       Bottom 2 teams in Division 1 relegated to Division  2 
                       Top 2 teams in Division 2 promoted to Division 1
                       Bottom 2 teams in Division 2 relegated to Division 3
                       Top 2 teams in Division 3 promoted to Division 2
                       Bottom 2 teams in Division 3 relegated to Division 4
                       Top 2 teams in Division 4 promoted to Division 3
                      Bottom 2 teams in Division 4 relegated to Division 5
                       Top 2 teams in Division 5 promoted to Division 4

As many of you may know, improvements having been taking place at Roundwood, indeed are ongoing at present. The rink and bar lighting have been upgraded with LED lighting installed and the environment has been improved with the installation of a constant temperature system being installed.
The work is ongoing as other areas, such as the Function Room, are still to be completed. This does not however prevent the rinks from being used. Below are a few photos of the work and results.

The work on the Norwich NDR is getting underway now. Keep up to date with updates on our Twitter page - @roundwoodibc or Facebook page -

Good news for the women's game. The Norfolk County Women's Indoor Bowls Association have launched a website recently. It will include Competition and League results, News and a Photo Gallery. Just visit




For all you bowlers troubled by length and line problem, could this be the answer!! :-)


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