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Roundwood Indoor Bowls Club



Management Committee




Chairman:                             Bob Daykin  


Vice Chair/Recruitment:      Mike Kett


Secretary:                             Pam Bassham    01603 744786


Treasurer:                             Barry Stiles        01603 861466


Mens County Secretary:     John Hipperson


Ladies County Secretary:   Liz Warren    01603 742398


Social Chairman/Rep:          Roger Bassham


Dep./Social Treasurer:         Chris Holmes


Volunteer Support:              Bev Moar 


Member:                               Maureen Stiles




Trustees:                                Val Tilbury     01603 486326 


Barry Stiles
Mike Kett
Roger Bassham
Clerk to the Trustees           Jan Henry





Social Committee


 Maureen Stiles
 Pam Bassham
 Pearl Gerrard 
 Roger Bassham
 Sue Maxim

 Chris Holmes   
 Paul Whate




Support Team


Rink Booking, League Cards, Lockers:    Ken & Sue Maxim

Membership:                                             Pearl Gerrard, Avril Kirton, Maureen Stiles

Website, Facebook,Twitter & Computer:  Rob Hoffman, Tony Robey 

Diary Control :                                           Dave Henry, Maureen Stiles, Liz Warren, John Hipperson

League Teables :                                      Jan/Dave Henry, John/Bev Moar

C&VA Protection, AGM prep.:                  Jan Henry






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