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Roundwood Indoor Bowls Club



Management Committee




Chairman:                             Chris Binns         01603 860460


Vice Chair, Health &Safety  Bob Daykin


Secretary:                             Pam Bassham    01603 744786


Treasurer:                             Barry Stiles        01603 861466


Mens County Secretary:     Robin Clitheroe


Ladies County Secretary:   Liz Warren    01603 742398


Trustee:                                Val Tilbury     01603 486326 




Member Liason:                          Tony Robey     01603 864572


Volunteer Support:                      Beverley Moar


Membership/Internal Leagues:   Mike Kett


Social/Fundraising:                     Roger Bassham


Treasurer/Fundraising:               Chris Homes





Social Committee


 Maureen Stiles
 Pam Bassham
 Pearl Gerrard 
 Roger Bassham
 Sue Maxim

 Chris Holmes   
 Paul Whate




Other Volunteers


Rink Booking, League Cards, Lockers:    Ken & Sue Maxim

Annual Subscriptions:                               Pearl Gerrard, Avril Kirton

Website, Facebook,Twitter & Computer:  Rob Hoffman   

Diary Control, League Updates:               Dave Henry

C&VA Protection, AGM prep.:                  Jan Henry

Clerk to the Trustees:                               Jan Henry





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