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 Mens A Team Results and League


Sat 5th Oct Roundwood ‘A’   75 (2pts)   County Arts ‘A’   84 (5pts) 
 Sat 12th Oct Gallow ‘A’   139 (7pts)   Roundwood ‘A’   42 (0pts)   
 Sat 9th Nov Roundwood ‘A’   46 (0pts)   Norfolk BC ‘A’   101 (7pts)  
 Sat 23rd Nov  Acle ‘A’   112 (7pts)   Roundwood ‘A’   44 (0pts)
Sat 30th Nov  Roundwood ‘A’   82 (6pts)   Diss ‘A’   57 (1pt) 
 Sat 18th Jan Beccles ‘A’   125 (7pts)   Roundwood ‘A’   54 (0pts) 
 Sat 25th Jan Roundwood ‘A’   70 (1½pts)   Gallow ‘A’   82 (5½pts)  
Sat 1st Feb  Lynnsport ‘A’   96 (6pts)   Roundwood ‘A’   65 (1pt) 
 Sat 8th Feb County Arts ‘A’   87 (6pts)   Roundwood ‘A’   82 (1pt)  
Sat 22nd Feb  Roundwood ‘A’   71 (2½pts)   Acle ‘A’   75 (4½pts)  
Sat 29th Feb  Norfolk BC ‘A’   129 (7pts)   Roundwood ‘A’   54 (0pts) 



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