Membership at Roundwood IBC

At Roundwood IBC all new members of any standard are given a very warm welcome.

We run a number of sessions, throughout the season, to suit both beginners and experienced bowlers including Internal Leagues of all formats.

There are also Friendly Roll-up sessions where you can play with different people each time and during these sessions there is a half time tea or coffee break, almost as important as the bowls.

Before making any commitment to becoming a member you are invited to book two taster sessions of two hours each for free and if you wish you could also book coaching sessions with any of our fully qualified coaches. Each two-hour coaching session costs £3 and you can initially book up to 5 sessions. These sessions can be booked at a time that will suit you. We can provide you with bowls and shoes.

Membership forms are available at the club, or you can click the link Membership Application Form to download and print the form.

To book a taster session or coaching please phone 01603-865045 and leave your name and contact number or email us at

Guest Bowlers/Visitors

Please note that a member may bring a guest into the club provided they enter their name on the rink envelopes. and the member takes full responsibility for their guest. The guest shall pay the non members rink fee which is currently £5. With the exception of those undertaking coaching and taster sessions, as above, a guest may play as a visitor up to 4 times in a year. If they wish to play further games, it is expected that they join the club.