What’s On

Social Club Events

The social club have now arranged various events for the coming months so please visit our Social Club page for all the latest news.

The booking sheet for the Hog Roast, to be held on the 2nd October 2022, is now on the notice board at the club. If you are interested in this event please put your name down as soon as possible.

Roundwood v Lincolnshire Vice Presidents 17th February 2022

We welcomed the the above to Roundwood on the 17th February 2022 and a lovely afternoon was enjoyed by all those in attendance. The match score was 150-69 to Roundwood but that was irrelevant as the main priority was to accord our guests a friendly Roundwood welcome and judging by their comments they certainly received that. Thank you to all our members who attended.

Potters Mobile Shop

Mark Royal brought the Potters mobile shop back to Roundwood on Tuesday 30th November 2021 and the event was well attended throughout the day with members purchasing their new set of bowls and accessories. We hope to have Mark back again next year so watch this space.

100 Club

We are pleased to say our 100 Club has now been up and running since the 1st January 2022.

Basically a 100 club or a 200 club or whatever name you wish to call it is where members pay £2 per month or £24 annually to enter a monthly draw to win prizes. For our 100 Club we shall draw the lucky winning number on the last Friday of each month and the winner will receive £50. We shall have a super draw four times a year when we will double the prize to £100.

This is a great way of raising funds for the club which ultimately are for the benefit of all our members and of course you could win one of our prizes so why not sign up now.. A sheet will be placed on the notice board for members to register their interest.