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CLOAKROOMS – October 2021

Our cloakrooms are now open and ready to use.

Will Members please ensure that:

All outerwear is left in the cloakroom along with bowls bags;

Shoes are left in the cloakrooms or lockers;

Handbags should be placed under the rink-side tables.

Thank you for your co-operation.

COVID 19 Update – July 2021

Following the Government announcement that Covid 19 restrictions will be removed from the 19th July 2021, and further guidance from EIBA, could members please note the following.

Masks will no longer be obligatory on the rinks or rink side, however, we have been asked by the owners if we would advise our members that they politely request you wear masks on entering the building and in the bar area.

Social distancing will no longer apply on the rinks.

Please refer to the website for further updates when available.

The committee wishes to thank you for your continued diligence.

The EIBA guidance can be found on their website at

AGM 9th July 2021

Please note that the unratified minutes of the AGM, held on the 9th July 2021, are now available to members. If you wish to have sight of these minutes please ask a member of the committee who will be pleased to assist you.